With the dog to the Christmas market?

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With the dog to the Christmas market?

In the run-up to Christmas, Christmas markets, Advent markets and Christmas markets – or whatever they are called – are popular leisure activities. Mulled wine, bratwurst and Co. are considered visitor magnets and attract thousands of people every year. However, dog owners are faced with the difficult decision whether they should take their four-legged friend with them or not. Here are a few pointers.

A visit to the Christmas market can be stressful for your four-legged friend. The hustle and bustle of the markets, the noise and the crowds can scare the dog and exhaust it. If your dog is naturally frightened, don’t go to Christmas markets. Still, if you and your dog are experienced with events and crowds, it is still a good idea to avoid peak hours. The right time is important for your dog’s well-being. As is well known, it is busier in the evening than in the morning and around noon. There is also less going on during the week than on the weekends. You should also prefer smaller, more manageable markets.

Eyes on the ground

As a dog owner, you need to be vigilant at all times at the Christmas market. It is important that your dog belongs on a leash. It is best to hold it close to you with the command “foot”. The command “No” is just as important. At Christmas markets there is an accumulation of all sorts of rubbish on the floor. Take care and do not let the dog eat any of it. They don’t know how long the waste has been there and what kind of leftover it is. It can also help if you feed him before the visit.

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Often shards can also be kicked in, there is a great risk of injury to the dog. You should also be aware that there may be other visitors who want to touch your dog (unsolicited). Children in particular often act carelessly. If this poses a risk in your dog, you should think about a muzzle beforehand. Christmas markets are mostly outdoors and in winter, always keep in mind that your dog can freeze too. Better not wait for hours in the cold or protect your four-legged friend accordingly.

Special Christmas markets for dog owners

If you are looking for another alternative: There are explicitly Christmas markets in Germany that are organized for dog owners, for example in Berlin. Here everything revolves around the dog. Not only are the visitors mostly animal, the stands and their offers also relate to dogs and owners. Snacking is allowed here! Of course, in these markets it is important that your dog does not go crazy when it comes to contact with its fellow dogs and that it is healthy.