Yellow ribbon: This is what it means for dog owners

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Yellow ribbon: This is what it means for dog owners

Playing and romping with fellow dogs is the ultimate for many dogs. But there are certainly days when you prefer to avoid contact with other dogs. You can make this clear to other dog owners without long discussions: with a yellow ribbon.

“Yellow Dog” initiative

The idea comes from Sweden. In 2012 the “Gulahund” initiative was launched, which translates as “yellow dog”. Accordingly, a yellow ribbon should signal: My dog ​​does not want any contact with conspecifics today. The bow can be attached to the collar, harness or leash. Alternatively, the dog can also wear a yellow bandana.

There are many reasons why some dogs need a little distance from their fellow dogs. It is important that every dog ​​owner respects this wish and gives the dog freedom.

Alternatively, a yellow scarf also works. ©

Please keep your distance now

If the bitch is in heat, if the dog has a fresh surgical wound or is possibly sick, other dogs should better keep their distance. A yellow ribbon can help avoid unnecessary conflict or injury.

Young and anxious dogs who are unsure about how to deal with others are sure to be more relaxed if they are given a little space. Remember, your dog can have a bad day too. If you notice that he is a little more irritable than usual, a yellow ribbon can be useful when walking.

You can also use the yellow ribbon if you want to train with your dog in the meadow undisturbed. It shows other dog owners: We want to concentrate and please do not want to be disturbed.

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For this idea to work, it is important that all dog owners know and respect this sign. With a simple loop, walks will be much more relaxed and enjoyable for dogs who want some distance.

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