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Young dog courses

Who is the young dog course intended for?

These courses are usually offered to dogs between 5 and 15 months of age. Ideally, the animal should have already taken part in a puppy course, because the aim of this training is to deepen what it has already learned.

Pubescent dogs test their limits

Of course, it is possible to use this course to teach your young dog basic commands and leash handling. If you have this in mind, let me tell you that you have already missed the phase in which the dog is particularly willing and receptive to learn. At this age, one is more likely to deal with teenagers. These sometimes question commands and test where they are in the hierarchy. How strong these “phases of defiance” are is also a question of temperament.

What does the dog learn in the youth dog course?

A young dog course helps to get through the difficult phase well, to deepen what has been learned so far and to further strengthen the bond between dog and owner. There is no prescribed procedure for all dog schools. As a rule, basic commands are still practiced in this training, but this time with a lot of distraction. The first “place” and “stay” as well as reliable retrieval should also be on the program. “Excursions” are usually also planned: the dog goes into town with his group, to a shopping center, learns to ride the S-Bahn or elevator. Particularly good schools also offer a theoretical part in which the owner learns more about the development of his four-legged friend. As I said, this is different in every dog ​​school, it is best to ask the trainer directly.

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Pay attention to the limited number of participants

In any case, you should make sure that the number of participants is limited. If the trainer has to take care of a pack of 20 dogs and owners, an individual correction of errors is hardly possible. However, since consistency is particularly important in this development phase of the dog, you should opt for another school if necessary.

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