Zughund fun for humans and animals

With a dog in the mountains
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Zughund fun for humans and animals

Leisure time fun for humans and dogs

Even before horses, draft dogs were the oldest draft animals in the world. Market traders, cheese factories and peddlers used the pull dogs. But the common man from the street also used a dog team to move his small household. Well into the 20th century, the pulling dogs were an indispensable aid for mountain farmers in order to transport their self-made goods down into the valley on impassable paths. Industrialization and modern means of transport eventually replaced the dog cart as a means of work and transport. Until recently, pull dogs were therefore rather an exception, but now the pull cart has been rediscovered as a dog sport. Pulling wagons is an ideal activity for the large breeds of dogs and means exercise and fun for the animals.

Which dog is suitable?

Some clubs organize one to multi-day trekking tours and courses for dog dogs and their owners. Suitable dog breeds are, for example, mountain dogs, mastiffs or strong shepherd dogs, i.e. breeds that weigh 30 kilograms or more and are at least 50 cm shoulder height.

How does my dog ​​become a draft dog?

From 11/2 years, young dogs can be used to the harness. As a rule, the dogs understand very quickly what pulling is all about, and for some, the training time only takes a few minutes.

After that, the time in the harness should only be increased slowly so that the dog does not lose the fun. A trained draft dog can then cover a stage of a maximum of two hours. But then he must be able to move and drink freely.

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For the dog, pulling means independence and responsibility. Even dogs with behavioral disorders gain more confidence and self-confidence through this task. You can find clubs where you can take courses, hike along, build or rent cars here.

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